At Hub+Weber Architects, we approach every project the same way we have for more than 40 years

document the parameters and limits | challenge the assumptions | define the goals

always with the client’s needs at the center

because a building is only as great as how it serves

the people that inhabit it and work in it or the community that surrounds it.

We are more than sketches and renderings. We are more than construction documents and site evaluation. Sure, we do those things. And, we do a bunch of other things too. But the point is that we are more than just architects. We are creative and problem solvers. Each thing we design is more than just the drawing. It is a place where people will gather, work or play.That is why we build relationships.That is why we get to know our clients, contractors, consultants, and communities. Because our product is more than just a piece of paper.

More than a building. It is building.

Oh, there is also something called search engine optimization. We don’t 100% understand it, but we know we should say things like Chicago architects and Los Angeles architects. We don’t practice architecture there, but they are pretty cool places. We aren’t really famous architects, software architects, or information architects, but those are other great keywords to use. We love gifts for architects, architecture magazines, and architecture degrees. We’ve never seen the 2006 movie The Architect, but Anthony LaPaglia was pretty good in So I Married an Axe Murderer alongside of comedian Mike Myers. A little off topic, but that movie is hilarious, so if you haven’t seen it you should watch it on Netflix. Lastly, for good measure, New York architects.