What to do with big box retail? We have an idea.

The key is creating diversity and density of uses that meet local needs and create a connection to the adjacent communities. In all cases, connection to the community – both physical and psychological is very important. Designers are opening the inward focus of the malls to create appeal to the exterior community. Knitting the site back into the community by providing civic life/center frequently absent from suburban development. Ironically, often redevelopment involves introducing street grids to mall sites to restore the urban connection to surrounding neighborhoods, and as with so many parts of our communities, connection to transit is key.

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Housing: A Conclusion

Do you want to know more about some of the ideas we’ve referenced in this housing series? We’ve cultivated a good list of links, that you can use to learn more! We also want to know what you thought of our housing discussion, please comment, like and share!

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Housing: Changing Communities

This increase of wealth relative to the supply of housing is a key cause of gentrification. Locally, demand and investment have spurred interest in OTR. In 2002 there were 3,235 units of affordable (30% AMI) there. In 2015, that number was reduced to 869 (Community Building Institute). Currently, average rents in OTR for 850 square feet are over $1,600 per month and rising.

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